ANB Ethereum Ethereum 2 Cosmos Polkadot
Tx Finality (5sec-1block) 6 mins
(25 blocks)
12.8 minutes
(64 blocks)
7 second
(1 block)
12 second
(1 block)
Validators 25 7,105 8,192 120 200
Tx Fees $0.00001 $0.304 $0.000-002 $0.000-1 $0.000-001
Mainnet Launch Coming Soon July 2025 Dec 2020 March 2019 June 2020
Shared Size 25- N/A 128 Nodes 125 Nodes 100 Nodes
Annual Issuance 3% 1% 2% 7% 2.5%
Bonsai Trie Yes No No No No

Project and Development Programs
for the Community

ANB is a blockchain with a conducive ecosystem that promotes development, blockchain advocacies, and cryptocurrency education for mass adaptation, total community engagement, and involvement as part of its priority. Being a blockchain with a heart for the community ensures an alive environment by providing a platform through which users can earn cryptocurrency through different programs and reward systems.

Latest News

ANB Blockchain is made for the People! Therefore, it is a gateway access for everyone who wanted to know more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency! For more updates follow and scribe to ANB blockchain social media sites.

ACCESS NEXT BLOCKCHAIN: A blockchain with a heart for the community.The popularity of blockchain technology and its usefulness gone viral not only to economic sector but also to those who wanted to learn how this technology works.

ANB Blockchain will have its ICO - an initial offer for the community ! To know more about ANB blockchain up coming event,visit:www.anbcoin.info


Creating an ecosystem that encourages and supports all developers and the working community who wanted to engage in blockchain technology. Access Next Blockchain will be everyone's access to the road of cryptocurrency wherein it will become its backbone for development and learning at the same time easy access for decentralized finance, exchanges and so on that could elevate the financial status quo of the people.


ANB envision to be the next blockchain of the future that will open opportunities to worldwide developers and working community, providing lesser-gas fees that potentially give an edge to blockchain technology at the same time supporting the talents and ideas coupled with educating the public about cryptocurrency mining and staking and its bright future ahead. Access Next Blockchain also envisions building blockchain scholars in support of its advocacy.

Lowest Gas Fee- Nearly Zero

ANB wanted to give access for the people in which everyone can afford. ANB blockchain has a heart for the community and uses blockchain technology to render service and good will for humanity. Blockchain is a technology to be shared for, to give hope for the many. Therefore, ANB Blockchain is making it possible.

ANB IBFT Consensus Algorithm

ANB uses the IBFT consensus algorithm. This algorithm ensures a single, agreed-upon ordering for the transaction and provides added benefits and enterprising. Where safety does not depend on any timing assumptions for the algorithm is deterministic, leader-based, and optimally resilient. ANB consensus algorithms are involved in transaction validation, block validation, and block production.

ANB Bonsai Tries

ANB Blockchain integrate the Bonsai Tries data storage. This reduces storage and offers much faster times for nodes to read any data about Ethereum's current state (O(1) account lookups). It also makes accessing the most recent data on the blockchain much faster, though lookups farther back take a little more time. To get into the weeds, the bonsai approach also provides implicit tree pruning, reduced disk usage by nodes, faster synchronization of nodes, and a reduction of the client "running blocks behind" the network.

ANB Scan

A blockchain with its search engine is very important ANB also has its own scan. This system is added to ANB for transparency and giving users access to check confirm and validate all transactions that happened in the ANB blockchain. Thus, this was developed to allow fast and decentralized trading and transactions, and this will run parallel with Access Next Blockchain and manage all smart contracts optimally. ANB Scan's main aim is to reduce financial fraud and theft cases and bring the highest security to its users and build trust and a transparent ecosystem.

Advance PoS is PoA

ANB is an advanced POS means it is a modified POS or POA (Proof-of-Authority) where instead of stake with monetary value, a validator's identity performs the role of stake. This delivers comparatively fast transactions through a consensus mechanism based on identity as a stake and fault tolerance.

ANB is Permissionless with On-chain Governance

ANB is a type of permission-less blockchain-based of Ethereum that requires no permission to join and interact with. This is the ideal blockchain used especially for running and managing cryptocurrencies. Security of ANB falls under its IBFT consensus process where ANB implements with full tight security to protect the system.


ANB development and planning (building team), Website development and Social Media links setting up for marketing.


ANB Blockchain and ANB Wallets Development and Social Media Links Setting up for marketing.


ANB Marketing Promotion, Community Building, ANB Scan Development


ANB Coin Launch, Coin Listing: Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko (Trading)


ANB Swap Development, ANB DEX, DeFi development


ANB Coin Launch, Coin Listing: Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko (Trading)


ANB NFT MArketplace, (Gaming and ARt Listing, Minting Auction)


ANB Multichain Swap, ANB Flashloan


ANB Metaverse, ex. Virtual World entity projects